About The Founders

A dynamic team with a vision.

Carolyn Lane-Steins

Carolyn Lane Steins

Carrie is a published art historian and is a matchmaker at heart. She helps new buyers articulate their taste and then navigates the art market to suggest the piece that works in a space. For the more seasoned collector, she helps to create a vision, fills gaps in a collection, and keeps the client apprised of developments in the art world. She has advised a wide array of clients – from someone seeking a single perfect painting for over the sofa, to clients that are interested in building a collection over time. In all cases she helps clients make smart decisions about the acquisition of artwork. Simply put, Carrie makes the process of collecting art enjoyable, educational, and hassle free.

Carrie has assisted people in the selection of fine art for over twenty years. She honed her understanding of art acquisition and the market with a fellowship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and studies at Sotheby’s Auction House. She did her undergraduate work in art history at the University of Pennsylvania. She is ABD on her PhD from the Graduate Center, CUNY, and holds an MA in Art History from Hunter College. Carrie researched and wrote the Catalogue Raisonne documenting the work of American impressionist artist William Merritt Chase (1849-1916) published by Yale University Press.

Carrie was invited to present a paper “Obsession and Influence: The Myriad Collections Of William M. Chase” at the Frick Art Museum in the symposium The American Artist As Collector: From the Enlightenment To The Post War Era. She lectured at the Parrish Art Museum on the portraits and the landscapes of William Merritt Chase.

One of my first clients was a couple who lived on Central Park West. They were interested in finding a Matisse for their living room. I searched until I found one I thought they would like – it was a small portrait of a woman. We went together to see the work and they fell in love. I will never forget her exuberance and can still hear her saying “I haven’t felt this happy since I had my daughter 23 years ago.”

That is why Carrie loves being an art advisor.

Kim Manocherian

Kim Manocherian

Kim has always been passionate about art. She took her first step towards becoming a thoughtful collector 30 years ago in a midtown Manhattan art gallery. She came upon a series of hand-colored prints by Andy Warhol. Kim can only describe her reaction to the work as visceral – and she became consumed with the work. She bought the 17 prints in their original portfolio, which has turned out to be a very wise investment. That experience sparked a life long interest in art.

That feeling Kim had is how she feels every time she buys work and that is what she wants her clients to feel when they find what they love. For Kim, collecting art is a personal, powerful, and meaningful pursuit.

Kim has travelled all over the world collecting art at art expos as well as indigenous art. She searches out fresh talent by visiting the studios of local artists, often finding remarkable undiscovered talent. While her collection is eclectic, (see gallery), from abstract to portraiture, from traditional to contemporary and includes paintings and sculptures; her focus is primarily on work that tells a story.